Weather affects every aspect of our life.
So, in the era of smart cities, smart roads, smart everything, why not having smart weather monitoring, to automatically provide meaningful weather insights and make our lives better?  
This is what we do everyday at WaterView, by developing groundbreaking technologies that look from a completely new perspective what everyone else considers a simple camera.
By turning every camera into multivariable weather stations, we indeed abate the costs for high spatial and temporal resolution weather monitoring, thus democratizing and delivering to you the power of weather big data.

We are hiring!

We constantly look for the smartest people within our field, preferably in combination with nice personalities. We work together with friends and share our ideas and knowledge to help each other. We value friendship, work-life balance and continuous personal development, to constantly make WaterView a better place to work. If you are interested in working with us send your CV to and we will get in touch!

Open positions

Computer visionist

We (literally) see weather as no one else have seen it before, so if you want to challenge yourself as a computer visionist, Waterview will offer you a position to stay in the front line of the weather sensing revolution.

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Machine learning expert

WeatherCAM democratizes weather big data, and with big data come big possibilities. Bring your super powers into our team to push our technology over the edge and pave the way to unprecedented applications.

Have a look at our live demo dashboard  >