OpenVPN Setup

Connect to your cameras, from anywhere

OpenVPN Setup

Have you ever struggled connecting to and managing cameras on remote private networks?
We can help!
Accessing cameras on private networks may be difficult and requires dedicated network configurations.
Sometimes such configurations may cause network or data safety issues.

Our Plugin allows the easy setup of OpenVPN client* on Axis Cameras. You will be able to reach your cameras from any other device in your OpenVPN network, PC, tablet or phone, with the safety and encryption level granted by the OpenVPN layer.

* OpenVPN Setup includes a copy of the OpenVPN Client executable, which is provided under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

Ready for every camera

If you have an Axis camera, you can simply install the OpenVPN Setup ACAP* to start managing your cameras in complete freedom. Click here for a detailed list of tested Cameras/Firmware cobinations.

Camera Architecture
Firmware version

* Axis Camera Application Platform.

Do you manage a camera network on a wide area and are interested in OpenVPN Setup?
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WeatherCAM on-the-go

Cameras are not only installed at road corners, we all have one of them in our pockets.
Whether you're an insurance, a weather forecaster or an online retailer,
if your business lives on a mobile app consider the benefits of engaging your users
in capturing the weather with a simple photograph to be shared with the community.
You could offer better services like streamlined claim verifications, street-level accurate nowcasts,
weather based advertising and sales, and so on.

We would love to work at your side to integrate WeatherCAM technology in your app.
WeatherCAM on-the-go is coming!

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