19 - 21 NOVEMBER 2019
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Italian Pavillion

Hall P2, Level 0, Stand A117

Axis Pavillion

Hall P2, Level 0, Stand B215

Real weather
made simple

Leverage your surveillance camera networks
to put weather intelligence in your control room

We develop groundbreaking technologies that look from a completely new perspective what everyone else considers a simple camera. By turning every camera into multivariable weather stations, we indeed abate the costs for high spatial and temporal resolution weather monitoring, thus democratizing and delivering the power of weather big data and actionable weather insights.

Visit us at SmartCity World Expo 2019 in Barcelona, and discover why WeatherCAM is the solution you are searching for to:
- Quickly, cheaply and safely respond to both routine and extreme weather
- Prevent disruptions due to weather
- Improve users' experience
- Guarantee safety of people and infrastructures