What's the weather ?

Ask your camera


Have you always thought that cameras are only useful for video surveillance, people counting or traffic control?
You're right. But they can do more, much more.
For the first time, thanks to cutting edge computer vision techniques and the physical models based on camera optics at the core of WeatherCAM, cameras are able to collect real time weather data.


Gauges rainfall intensity with 5 minute resolution


Detects snowfall onset and duration


Assesses visibility and detects fog presence


Tracks temperature variations over time


Detects hail presence and severity


Detects wet pavement and snow coverage


Estimates wind strength
Under development
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Ready for every camera

WeatherCAM works with every IP camera on the market, and its modular architecture allows for edge, fog and cloud image processing. And if you have an Axis camera, you can simply install the WeatherCAM ACAP* to start sensing the weather. WeatherCAM ACAP is available for these Axis Communications cameras:

Camera model
Firmware version

* Axis Camera Application Platform. More camera models will be available in the next future

Weather data always at your fingertips

Data collected by WeatherCAM are stored in our cloud database, and you can access and download them in any moment by logging to Atroona, your personal web weather dashboard. Atroona let you also set and manage a complete set of custom weather alerts, to bring true weather intelligence into your control room. You can also integrate Atroona with your workflow by using our RESTful APIs and web map services.

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Do you manage a camera network on a wide area and are interested in sourcing weather data from it?
Drop us a line, we'll love to work with you!

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WeatherCAM on-the-go

Cameras are not only installed at road corners, we all have one of them in our pockets.
Whether you're an insurance, a weather forecaster or an online retailer,
if your business lives on a mobile app consider the benefits of engaging your users
in capturing the weather with a simple photograph to be shared with the community.
You could offer better services like streamlined claim verifications, street-level accurate nowcasts,
weather based advertising and sales, and so on.

We would love to work at your side to integrate WeatherCAM technology in your app.
WeatherCAM on-the-go is coming!

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